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  • About the multiple sources of information contained in ERISA Online
  • How to search and sort through the database to identify the records that you want
  • How to easily print and download your results
  • Where to go for additional assistance should you need it
  • Where to go to get the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) about using the ERISA Online database
The Source Of The Information In ERISA Online
  • Every Qualified Retirement and Health & Welfare plan in the United States is required to file a Form 5500 with the Government each year. This is the starting point for the information.
  • This information is released by the Department of Labor approximately every six months, however, it is usually at least 18-24 months after the plan sponsors file the form.
  • Because of this lag time, and the subsequent decay in data quality, it is imperative that this information be updated prior to being used for marketing purposes!
  • Some 5500 database providers simply republish the “new” two-year old information when it is released and call it an “update”.
  • Others attempt to update the information by trying to contact all of the plan sponsors themselves via telephone and web “surveys”. There are over one million plans in the United States, making this a pretty daunting task!
  • At PensionPlanet.com, we use a much more efficient and truly unique approach to updating the Form 5500 data…
  • Through our partnership with The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, we update our Form 5500 data against D&B’s world-class marketing database of over 18 million U.S. businesses on a monthly basis!
  • This allows us to update critical pieces of marketing data such as addresses and phone numbers
  • More importantly, however, it allows us to append vital pieces of marketing data that can be missing from the raw 5500 information
  • In a typical month, we match between 94 and 95% of the 5500 filings against the D&B database, ensuring you of using the most comprehensive and accurate information available!
 Now that you know the source of the data in ERISA ONLINE, let’s move on to how to use the tool… next